Unwanted Opinions of a YA Writer

I have written thirteen novels in the genres of YA fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary, and I still have no idea what I'm doing. I am a biology student and spend 6-8 hours of my day talking to flies, so don't take any advice from me.
Shades of Earth - Beth Revis This was my favorite. I think this series got better as it went along! Taking our main characters out of the setting of the first two books was a risk that could have made the book suck and fall apart, but it was really necessary and I think it turned out splendidly. A lot of characters that we've been waiting to see (well, two in particular) turned up at last, and the tired "evil military vs. peace-loving heroes" trope didn't turn out nearly as bad as I feared it would from the first few chapters. I felt a lot of the suspense and mystery from the first book creep back up; it was done in a new way, but it still felt true to the series. Even when I saw some of the bigger twists coming (because I watch and read a lot of sci-fi in the same vein as this), they still got me. Amy and Elder's romance has never been my favorite, but it got a lot better in this book as she finally stopped being so wishy-washy and weird while the book tried to convince us it was a romance for the ages.Mild spoilers to follow: I usually hate love triangles, but this one really wasn't and was resolved quite nicely, and at the beginning, something about the fact that Elder might have a rival delighted me. And speaking of...those last thirty pages were rough, man. Those blank pages--y'all know what I'm talking about. Every time I hit one I either physically hit the book or said something along the lines of "OK THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE." Even though I knew how it was going to ultimately end, some little part of me feared I was wrong. ALSO: this cover is gross. I want a pretty sparkly one like the last two. Come on, man.